Jonathan Frome

Jonathan Frome

Senior Research Associate

Academy of Film, Hong Kong Baptist University

My research interests include film and videogame studies, emotion, digital humanities, and the philosophy of art. My teaching interests include online course development, classroom response systems, peer instruction, and cross-cultural dialog.

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  • Emotion and media
  • Film history, theory, and analysis
  • Videogame studies
  • Aesthetic legitimacy
  • PhD in Communication Arts, 2006

    University of Wisconsin–Madison

  • MA in Communication Arts, 2001

    University of Wisconsin–Madison

  • MA in English, 2000

    University of Florida, Gainesville

  • BA in Philosophy, 1995

    Amherst College

Recent Publications

(2020). SportsCenter: The Documentary? A Response to Pratt. The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism.


(2019). Describing the Game Studies Canon: A Game Citation Analysis. Proceedings of DiGRA 2019.


(2019). Interactive Works and Gameplay Emotions. Games and Culture.


(2016). Video Game Sadness from Planetfall to Passage. Video Games and the Mind: Essays on Cognition, Affect and Emotion.


(2014). Melodrama and the Psychology of Tears. Projections.


Recent Presentations

Appraisal Frames and Videogame Emotions
Describing the Game Studies Canon: A Game Citation Analysis
Game Stories and Narrative Structure
The Illusion of Choice in Videogames
Film and Narrative Comprehension

Teaching Experience

Film and Videogame Studies

  • Introduction to Film Studies
  • Film Theory+
  • Film Analysis and Criticism +
  • History of Cinema+
  • History of World Cinema+
  • Videogame Theory+
  • Videogame Analysis and Criticism+
  • Documentary Film Theory+
  • Documentary Film History+
  • Introduction to Video Production+

Interdisciplinary Studies

  • Evolutionary Theories of Art and Culture+
  • Philosophy and Psychology of Emotion+
  • Theories of Embodiment+

Research, Writing, and Argumentation

  • Expository and Argumentative Writing
  • Logic and Intellectual Inquiry
  • Public Speaking

Student Supervision

  • Supervision of undergraduate senior theses (5)
  • Supervision of graduate students theses (1)
  • PhD student committee member (4)

+ indicates course taught at both graduate and undergraduate levels