My research interests include film and videogame studies, emotion, digital humanities, and the philosophy of art. My teaching interests include online course development, classroom response systems, peer instruction, and cross-cultural dialog.


  • PhD in Communication Arts, 2006

    University of Wisconsin–Madison

  • MA in Communication Arts, 2001

    University of Wisconsin–Madison

  • MA in English, 2000

    University of Florida, Gainesville

  • BA in Philosophy, 1995

    Amherst College

Recent Publications

(2020). SportsCenter: The Documentary? A Response to Pratt. The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism.


(2019). Describing the Game Studies Canon: A Game Citation Analysis. Proceedings of DiGRA 2019.


(2019). Interactive Works and Gameplay Emotions. Games and Culture.


(2016). Video Game Sadness from Planetfall to Passage. Video Games and the Mind: Essays on Cognition, Affect and Emotion.


(2014). Melodrama and the Psychology of Tears. Projections.


Recent Presentations

Appraisal Frames and Videogame Emotions

Describing the Game Studies Canon: A Game Citation Analysis

Game Stories and Narrative Structure

The Illusion of Choice in Videogames

Film and Narrative Comprehension

Teaching Experience

Film and Videogame Studies

  • Introduction to Film Studies
  • Film Theory+
  • Film Analysis and Criticism +
  • History of Cinema+
  • History of World Cinema+
  • Videogame Theory+
  • Videogame Analysis and Criticism+
  • Documentary Film Theory+
  • Documentary Film History+
  • Introduction to Video Production+

Interdisciplinary Studies

  • Evolutionary Theories of Art and Culture+
  • Philosophy and Psychology of Emotion+
  • Theories of Embodiment+

Research, Writing, and Argumentation

  • Expository and Argumentative Writing
  • Logic and Intellectual Inquiry
  • Public Speaking

Student Supervision

  • Supervision of undergraduate senior theses (5)
  • Supervision of graduate students theses (1)
  • PhD student committee member (4)

+ indicates course taught at both graduate and undergraduate levels